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Sacra Nova Chorale (Sacra Nova) began as an idea formulated by singer Jerod Reetz in 2018. His friend and fellow singer, Dale Newman, was then brought in to orchestrate the structural foundations for Sacra Nova. The idea was to create an a cappella vocal ensemble that would premiere new works or perform works both familiar and unfamiliar to the concertgoer.

Dale Newman organized and set up the non-profit framework for Sacra Nova. The board members were selected, which included Walter Bloch, Joan Braun, Dale Newman, and Jerod Reetz, with Michael Batcho as the artistic director. Dale's previous artistic management positions were President of the board for both The Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra and Frankly Music.

The inaugural concert, In Aeternum, was on Sunday, November 4, 2018, followed by For the Beauty of the Earth on Sunday, April 28, 2019 and Magnificat on Sunday, November 1 0, 2019. Due to Covid, the following concert season was canceled, but with the lifting of the pandemic restrictions for live performances, the concert season was reinitiated in August of 2021.

Sacra Nova's concert on October 31, 2021, in collaboration with Philomusica String Quartet, was part of an effort to revive live performances in the artistic community of Milwaukee. We selected the exuberant title, Gloria, in honor of the lifting of the restrictions for live performances.